Listen to the owner of Mousy Browns talk about her Est-elle Academy Experience

Applying could not be easier.  Simply fill in the form below and hit the button to send it off to us right away!  Then the only thing you need to do is to forward your high school transcripts to us.  Once we have those we can usually process your application in only a few days!

Or you can download the attached PDF application and forward it directly to the school by mail, fax, email or by dropping it off here at the school. 

As well, click the school logo above to hear from one of our past graduates and owner of Mousy Browns, Lauren Hughes.

Email Form
*First Name
*Last Name
*City / Town
*Postal Code
*Personal InfoDate of Birth
*Highest Level of Education Completed(Please note: transcripts must be supplied)
*Emergency Contact Person
*Street Address
*City / Town
*Postal Code
*Home Phone
*Work Phone
*Background InfoProvide the names, and daytime phone numbers of 3 References, such as past or current Employers, Instructors, Supervisors, or co-workers (no Relatives or Friends please).
*Reference #2
*Reference #3
*Please Answer the following questionsHow long have you considered taking Hairstyling?
*Why do you feel you would like to work in this profession?
*Do you have a problem that would prevent you from attending class Tuesday - Saturday?
*How did you learn about Est-Elle Academy?
*Are you right or left handed?
*Which month do you wish to apply for?January, March, May, July, September or November?
We welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions
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